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Nebraska Matchmaking Specialists
Serving Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island, Kearney, Norfolk, North Platte, Western Iowa and surrounding areas.

Professional Matchmaking

  • No game-playing, fake profiles, or gimmicks
  • Everyone verified in person
  • Background checks for safety
  • Larger pool of quality singles

Local Nebraska Singles

Terrific single people are right here in Nebraska. The ones who are ready for serious relationships have found Matchmaking. If this is you, then welcome to the right place. Nebraska Dating is where serious singles find each other.

Why Nebraska Dating?

  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Proven Compatibility Matching System
  • Guaranteed Introductions
  • The modern art and science of Matchmaking

Nebraska Dating

Matchmaking is the way to go.

happy couple

If you've tried online dating, you may have found out the hard way that anyone can create a profile that bears little resemblance to the real person you'll meet. This wastes your time and money, and subjects you to an emotional roller coaster. If you're past all of that, discover the solution that thousands of people have come to trust; Professional Matchmaking. Better than a friend that knows 'someone who is perfect for you,' a Professional Matchmaker is an agent for your happiness who knows hundreds of singles. Each match has been verified in person, is compatible with you, and is sincerely looking for a lasting relationship. They've done the legwork. You just go on fun dates and be yourself with exceptional singles who can appreciate you.

Relationships founded by chance may have worked for your parents, but with today's divorce rate, it's hard to defend it as a sound approach. And when you subtract the people that persevere in bad relationships, it seems that truly fulfilling relationships are out of reach for most of us. Still, what could be more important in your life than finding the right partner to spend it with? You wouldn't leave your career or your health, or anything important to chance. Rather than hoping to be 'one of the lucky ones,' you could be proactive with your happiness. That's what Matchmaking offers; a proactive approach to happiness. It just makes sense.

If you've been dating in Nebraska, you may have a small circle of friends or even dozens. We know hundreds of Nebraska singles. We work with all types from those who 'just haven't found he right one yet' to professionals with high standards, to seniors who have lost their partners and wouldn't know where to begin looking for companionship in today's world. We can introduce you to in-demand singles that you would never have the opportunity to meet on your own. You don't have to look hard to find them. You just have to look here.

The team behind Nebraska Dating brings decades of experience and a proven track record. Our matchmaking system delivers results superior to things like speed dating, singles events, singles cruises, and online dating. In fact, we guarantee that you will actually go out on dates with real people. Not all the dates will work out, but our active feedback loop allows us to improve the matching process till we find that special someone for you. You know how 'at home' you feel with your closest friends. Imagine finding that level of comfort and acceptance in a partner. That's compatibility. Give it a try.